Coen_Logo_1We understand that customers often need more than a burner to solve their challenges and we are dedicated to developing custom engineered combustion solutions for specific customer applications. We offer a complete line of Coen®, Todd® and Hamworthy Peabody™ brand boiler burners, burner packages, safety systems and auxiliary products designed to help you achieve optimal environmental and economic performance. From simple products to complex burner systems and complete package options, we can help you optimize your entire line of combustion systems to meet even the toughest environmental regulations.

Low NOx & Ultra low NOx burners for package, field erected & utility boilers, Fluid bed warm-up burners, Duct burners for gas turbine exhaust, Kilns, Process heaters, Power boiler conversions, Burner Management Systems – PLC & DCS based, State of the art scanners



KansasCityDeaerator_Logo_1As the supplier of the deaerator, KCD is responsible for everything from the layout and design of the system, to the continued guaranteed performance of the unit. We take pride in having 100% of our units in operation meeting the guaranteed performance levels. While utilizing a strong basis of design, KCD is continually researching and developing new and improved technology. Many of these new design features are available upon request.

KCD utilizes only ASME code certified shops for our fabrication needs. These shops are pre-qualified by our engineering and quality control staff to insure the finest quality fabricated product, with consistent on-time deliveries. KCD is capable of having the deaerators made anywhere in the world, as the job site demands.


Nooter_Erikson_Logo_1Nooter/Eriksen, the world’s leading independent supplier of Natural Circulation Heat Recovery Steam Generators behind gas turbines, is a single source supplier of custom designed heat recovery systems. Nooter/Eriksen’s annual sales volume includes HRSGs for combined cycle power plants whose output exceeds 8 MW. Through a global network of partners Nooter/Eriksen is capable of supplying HRSGs throughout the world.

Included are many of the world’s largest natural circulation HRSGs, several producing in excess of 580 tons/hr of steam. To date more than 800 HRSGs have been supplied for use behind gas turbines with outputs from 2 MW to over 300 MW. Over 380 Nooter/Eriksen HRSGs incorporate supplementary firing, with burner duties often in excess of 500 MBtu/hr. Since 1992 Nooter/Eriksen has supplied over 280 HRSGs with reheat systems for improved plant efficiency behind large advanced gas turbines.

Our objective is to supply the best designed, most efficiently produced and most reliable heat recovery systems available on the market. Our policy is to take all necessary steps to ensure our products meet our customer’s specification, our standards and the applicable Code requirements. Nooter/Eriksen is an authorized holder of the ASME ‘S’ Stamp. We also have experience in designing boilers to different code requirements such as ASME, EN, TRD, etc. depending on our customer needs.



Wahlcologo_1WahlcoMetroflex is now serving you under the name Senior Flexonics Pathway, Division of Senior Operations, LLC. We continue our legacy as a world leading designer and manufacturer of diverters, dampers and expansion joints for over 50 years, specializing in controlling and isolating gas flows and supplying related duct systems. Senior Flexonics Pathway(SFP) designs, manufactures and services a broad range of high performance isolation and flow control dampers, expansion joints and related duct systems. This broad range of products is highlighted by the bypass diverters for gas turbines and utility selective catalytic reduction, (SCR) systems, flue gas desulphurization (FGD) dampers, louver dampers, guillotine dampers, butterfly dampers, metal expansion joints and fabric expansion joints. The WahlcoMetroflex families of products are in service around the world in power plants, refineries, chemical plants, pulp & paper mills, steel mills, incinerators and combustion and hot gas systems of many kinds. Senior Flexonics Pathway – Metroflex Dampers is the only authorized supplier for all the OEM lines of equipment originally manufactured under the Metroflex & Andco labels.


evapco_logoEvapco-BLCT Dry Cooling provides Air Cooled Condensers of all sizes for use in power generation. Evapco-BLCT Dry Cooling can also provide ACC capacity increases and performance improvements to existing units.

When some water is available a Dry Cooling Hybrid Cooling system could be the best compromise between a wet and dry system. An optimized Hybrid Cooling system combines the performance advantages of a wet system and the water saving characteristics of a dry system.

No matter who supplied the original Air Cooled Condenser, Evapco-BLCT Dry Cooling can support your ACC spares requirements.

Through strong relationships with key suppliers Evapco-BLCT Dry Cooling can provide spares often at lower prices than going directly to the original equipment supplier.



Aquatech_LogoEstablished in 1981, Aquatech is a global leader in water purification technology for the world’s industrial and infrastructure markets, with a focus on desalination, water reuse and Zero Liquid Discharge.

We are uniquely positioned to offer our clients complete integrated solutions through our vast depth and breadth of technologies. Through our thermal engineering division, AquaChem ICD, we are one of few companies in the world with both thermal and membrane desalination capabilities. We also have the ability to offer both thermal and membrane processes for water reuse. We have done extensive work in the power, oil and gas, and infrastructure markets.
Headquartered in the United States, Aquatech has offices throughout North America. We also maintain a significant presence worldwide through subsidiaries in the Middle East, Europe, India and China.

Aquatech’s water purification product groups include:

  • Raw Water Treatment
  • Ion Exchange
  • Membrane Processes (UF/RO/MBR)
  • Thermal Desalination (MED/MVC/MSF)
  • Wastewater/Effluent Treatment
  • Zero Liquid Discharge

With our worldwide presence in the water purification technology industry, we are able to offer the advantages of global sourcing, EPC, O&M, and other onsite services suited to the logistical needs of project sites located throughout the world. We are also able to deliver projects on a BOOT basis.



RentechLogoRENTECH is now in its second decade of service in the boiler manufacturing industry. We serve a growing number of U.S. and international customers who depend on superior, reliable boilers in their everyday operations in a variety of industries. Each RENTECH boiler is custom designed by our engineers and built by a team of our experienced employees to perform efficiently and safely in its unique application.

RENTECH was founded in 1996 to build boilers for people who know and care. We design, manufacture and repair boilers in a variety of applications for the refining and petro-chemical industries, power generation and other industries. We offer excellent technical solutions to the unique needs of our customers for steam with a focus on custom design and service, competitive prices, and reliable delivery schedules. You will benefit from the 3,200 years of combined experience of our employees in the boiler industry.


ATCO_LogoATCO Emissions Management, a division of ATCO Structures & Logistics, provides noise and air emissions control and waste heat recovery systems for power generation, oil and gas, petrochemical and other industrial sites worldwide.

For more than 35 years, we have provided custom or standard designs with engineering integrity, costs are minimized with our design, supply and install background, and we offset our customers’ regulatory risks with an equipment performance guarantee.

The new division was launched on July 1, 2012 combining the experience and expertise of ATCO Noise Management and its division ATCO Environmental Systems, formerly Higgott-Kane.

ATCO Emissions Management builds upon the reputation and quality of work rooted in our history as ATCO Structures & Logistics, ATCO Noise Management and Higgott-Kane.

Our goal is to become a world leader in noise and air emissions control and waste heat recovery systems for power generation, oil and gas, petrochemical and other industrial sites worldwide.



wabash_logoSince 1950, Wabash has supplied thousands of boilers for rent and installation around the world with unique solutions from order to start-up. We maintain a huge inventory of boilers,

auxiliaries and generating equipment in our strategically placed warehouses and headquarters in Wheeling, Illinois.

Our power generation equipment is built for us by leading manufacturers employing professionally licensed engineers and trained, certified craftsman to meet fabrication and code standards. It is dependable and efficient, incorporating the latest proven designs, innovations and emissions technologies.

There is absolutely no substitute for experience. Wabash can put our 60 years of experience to work for you. We deliver powerful, personalized service. From the moment you contact us, our utmost concern is providing technical and logistical solutions that precisely meet your application from our vast in-stock inventory.


SteelFabricators_LogoSteel Fabricators of Monroe, LLC was founded in 1974 to serve the local construction market, and now serves customers nationwide. Steel Fabricators is a structural and miscellaneous steel fabricator for industrial and commercial applications.

Our customers include contractors and plants in the power, petrochemical, chemical, forest products, and pulp & paper industries, as well as contractors for commercial and institutional construction.

Customers are supplied with structuring components fabricated to specification using the latest CNC Fabrication equipment. Specialty metal items are also included to assure a complete and comprehensive quotation. Bids are prepared from your plans and specifications and include, if necessary, shop drawing, materials certifications, welding certifications and testing. Quality is insured by in house inspection and, if required, by contract laboratories.



TurbineAirSystems_LogoTAS Energy Inc. is a global technology company providing clean, economic, modular energy solutions for the power generation industry; district, commercial and industrial process cooling; data center/mission critical markets; and the renewable energy sector. A holder of multiple U.S. patents for technology advancements, TAS Energy leads the industries we serve by delivering turbine inlet chilling with energy storage solutions such as Generation Storage™, Organic Rankine Cycle technology for geothermal and waste heat applications, modular central plants and data centers; all designed for high life cycle financial performance.


steag-energy_logoSTEAG Energy Services LLC is part of the STEAG group, which offers integrated solutions in the fields of power and heat generation, as well as technical services. The group’s total installed capacity is around 9,400 megawatts, and is based on both fossil and renewable sources of energy. From them, we draw on decades of engineering experience related to selective catalytic reduction (SCR) installations, flue-gas desulfurization (FGD) systems and ammonia injection technology.

STEAG is a leader in SCR management and catalyst regeneration. Our facility occupies over 360,000 square feet and contains a state-of-the-art bench scale reactor, which allows us to replicate the actual operating conditions of a full-scale SCR reactor. We also provide x-ray fluorescence (XRF) analysis and other analysis services on-site.

STEAG believes in corporate responsibility and community involvement. We are proud to give back to the city of Kings Mountain, Cleveland County and the greater Charlotte area. Because of our efforts, STEAG received the Mayor’s International Community Award in 2008, and was awarded 2011 Industry of the Year by the Cleveland County Chamber of Commerce.



Clarage_LogoClarage is the heavy duty division of Twin City Fan Companies Ltd. that specializes in designing and manufacturing custom heavy duty fans. And with nearly 140 years of experience, Clarage’s long-standing reputation and market expertise has made us the industry-leading manufacturer for countless industries and thousands of process applications. That is why our customers continually turn to us for project-specific solutions regardless of the size, scope or complexity.

We set ourselves apart from the competition because of several key items that provide unmatched value to our customers including: the fastest turnaround times in the industry, the most experienced project management teams, on-time and high quality documentation submittal and management from start to finish, proprietary in-house configuration and engineering software, and industry-leading testing services.

Clarage offers a partnership that extends from design to installation, leaving our clients free to concentrate on their process. Clarage’s specialty is designing and engineering custom, built-to-specification, critical service industrial and centrifugal fans, dust collectors, air moving equipment, heavy duty variable and fixed pitch axial fans.